My New Candle Obsession: DW Home

5:00 pm Alanna Hopgood 0 Comments

It is no secret or surprise that I love candles. I have a huge shelf full of half used ones and still manage to walk out with 1 or 2 more every time I go to Homesense. I like to justify it by saying that I will go home and use up some older ones. But let's be real - I want to burn my new additions as soon as I get back home!

My favourite time to go candle shopping is the change of seasons. Mainly because I can spend time smelling all of the new season's scents, but also because I find it easier to convince my boyfriend that I definitely NEED new candles because it's AUTUMN now.

For a really long time, Yankee have been my go to brand. Everything smells so strongly, there's a huge selection and I trust the brand. However they can be pricey, and I often find myself looking for a cheaper alternative that still offers the same quality.
Enter: DW Home.

I'm a Homesense addict and have spent many a weekend browsing their stores. They've got an awesome selection and they're usually smaller companies which I love. A couple of weekends ago, when I (inevitably) went to the candle section, Scott held one out for me to smell that I practically ran to the till to go and buy. This then resulted in me going back the next 2/3 weekends to build up my collection.

What I love the most about these is how intense the smell is. I kid you not, I bought one of the small ones home, hadn't even lit it yet, left the LID ON, and my room still smelt so strongly of it within an hour. That is pretty flippin strong! The other thing is the price. Holy moly, these are good value for money. Ranging from £2.99 for the small ones to £7.99 for the big 3 sick ones, it's no wonder that I already own 6...

I currently have the Lavender & Chamomile, White Pumpkin, Forest Leaves, Apple Blossom, Fireside Embers and Pumpkin Toffee. However, by the time you read this I will probably already have more.

There's been loads of these in Homesense at the moment, so if you wanted to go and have a sniff I'm pretty confident your local branch will stock them. But do be aware that they come in a few different packaging styles, so you just have to keep your eyes out to see which say DW Home on them.

Have you got any go-to candle brands that I might not have heard about? Please tweet me or let me know in the comments!