3 Days in Rome

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Last week me and Scott jetted off to spend a few days in my most favourite country (so far!) - Italy! I love everything about Italy, from the culture and the language to the history and the food. So when Scott told me that he had never been, I knew exactly what his birthday present was going to be that year.

We stayed in this Airbnb which was close enough to get to the attractions but also in a really authentic area away from the hustle and bustle. We decided before we came that we didn't want to cram in all of the sights, but just take it easy, see a couple of thing and mainly just enjoy the food and culture, so please don't hate me if I missed something amazing out of our itinerary!! We will go back some day for the bits that we missed.

Our first day, after arriving, we hopped onto the metro into the city centre and tried to get our bearings. Rome is fairly easy to navigate, with all of the touristy bits quite close together, but we did whip out our trusty friend google maps on many occasions just to be sure. We strolled through Piazza Spagna, up the Spanish Steps and lingered at the Trevi Fountain - stopping only for pizza along the way.

Day 2 was spent touring the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palentine Hill, which were all way older than I could even get my head around. It amazes me how historians can learn so much about how people lived back then just from what the find under the ground! We ate at one of my new favourite restaurants, Pasqualino al Colosseo, where we were treated to music by an accordion player on the street, and a customer singing opera inside!

The next morning it was tipping down with rain, but alas, we headed to Vatican City. I have been here once before, and even as somebody with absolutely no faith, this place really gives me shivers. But the real highlight for me was St Peter's Basilica - now my most favourite building of all time. Everywhere you looked was incredible artwork and ornate decorations, and to top it off I was able to see Michelangelo's 'Pietra', which was absolutely jaw dropping.

On our final day in Rome, we headed to the Pantheon which was really amazing. The building has a oculus or 'eye' in the very top which is it's only window, and it is home to Raphael's tomb (any 'Da Vinci Code fans will know the significance of this).

I'm so glad that we were able to fit so much into such a short space of time and still enjoy ourselves along the way. I definitely want to go back one day - there's still so much that we didn't get to see!

Sometimes I wonder how I ever got lucky enough to have the opportunities to see the world as I do...