Kicking Back in Cape Verde

5:02 pm Alanna Hopgood 0 Comments

Scott and I have recently come back from out first trip of the year, which was really incredible. We stayed at the Melia Dunas Resort on Sal island, Cape Verde. We have had this trip planned for over a year, so we were over the moon for it to have finally come around. Sans the 6 and a half hour flight (which really was better than it sounds), we spent the week in complete bliss.

The hotel was really beautiful, with a huge selection of pools and bars to station yourself at for the day. We spent our week alternating between relaxing on a sunbed, swimming up to the in-pool bar for a cocktail, and eating way more than we should at the different restaurants. There were Italian, Indian, seafood and grill restaurants alongside 2 buffets so there really was something for every taste.

Since we took this break as a relaxing getaway, we really didn't get up to much exciting, so unfortunately I don't have much to report on the activities front. But, we did see the excursions list that included trips to go and see volcanoes, go snorkelling or even search for hatching turtles on the beach!!

Keep your eyes peeled because we still have 2 even more exciting trips to go on this year! I will be putting posts up as soon as I get a chance once I am back.