3 Steps to Perfect Brows

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I often get complemented on my brows, which is so so lovely, but at first was a really overwhelming because I never realised that eyebrows were anything to pay any attention to! However in recent years my attention has been hugely drawn to the sometimes impossible feat of having instagram-esque arches. Now let me be the first to tell you that brow maintenance is not always easy. I often have days (cough,weeks) that I neglect my tweezers, sometimes to the point of close friends pointing out that I really do need to sit myself down in front of a mirror (side note - if you have a friend that does this for you without sounding mean they really are a keeper)! It's times like this that I am so thankful for the phrase 'sisters not twins'! Anyway, I thought I would share with you all the steps that I go through when I can actually be bothered to groom my eyebrows to be worthy of a close up.

Step 1. Shaping

A good shape is so vital for a polished end result. It can be the difference between hairy caterpillars and teeny sperm-like creatures, and finding the perfect middle ground. I like to use a combination of plucking, waxing and threading - waxing the middle, threading the baby hairs and plucking any strays. I am always really hesitant to shape my brows for fear of over plucking, but I find following your natural shape works best. As a general rule you can follow your nose (literally!) using the guide below.Follow your nostril straight up for the start, through the pupil for the arch and through the corner of the eye for the end.

I don't really have a time frame for how often to shape, I tend to just remove anything that I notice as and when I see it so that it doesn't become a big task for me. Everyone is different in this respect, so go with what and when suits you.

Step 2. Filling

This is the part that I feel many people struggle with. There is such a fine line between natural and slug-like that it can be hard to know where to stop. And there is also such a wide range of products available, from powders to pencils to gels, that finding something that works for you can seem daunting. I would recommend using a powder for beginners, since you can give definition and shape but it is difficult to make too harsh of a line and end up with 'drawn on' brows. I love Mac 'Brun' as an eyebrow powder. Once you are comfortable with that, a pencil can be used to define the edges and fill in small gaps or fake individual hairs. I would still recommend filling the majority of the brow with power though to give the most natural result. I personally use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade which is a gel formula, but I would only recommend this if you are really comfortable filling and shaping your brows. If so, this gel is a-ma-zing at giving high definition and precise shape for truly instagram worthy brows. I like to use a MAC 266 Brush with this because it is super thin and gives me lots of control. Finally, you have the option to finish the brows with a bit of clear brow gel to keep those bad boys from wondering all over your face throughout the day.

Try not to build up a block of colour, instead just fill gaps and create a gradient - lighter closer to the nose and darker the further you come out. I tend to build more definition and depth if I am going out/dressing up, whereas for general day to day looks I stick to just filling any gaps and giving a little bit of shape.

Step 3. Correcting/Highlighting

This one is optional, but if you are really going all out then this can be the final touch taking your brows from good to holy-cow-what-are-those-beauties-on-her-face. Firstly, take a fairly high coverage concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection is my go to), and with a flat brush just trace around the edge of the brow. This neatens up the edges and give a really defined line. Then blend it away from the brow, but be careful not to smudge the straight line you have just created. For a final touch, take a light coloured highlight (cream or light golds work well depending on skin tone) and dab a tiny bit just under the arch. I use either the Revolution Highlighter in 'Golden Lights' or Topshop Glow Pot in 'Gleam'. All that is required after this is a bomb selfie session and a night out - you deserve it after spending that long on such a small area of your face!

I hope that some of you have found this helpful/interesting and that it can answer some of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis. If you have any more questions or want me to go into depth about any other makeup techniques I would be really happy to give them a go, just let me know in the comments!

P.S. This post goes out to Ryan, who compliments (nay, worships) my eyebrows every time I see him without fail!