Winter Wonderland | Blogmas 2015

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Not too long ago me and Scott made our annual trip to my most favourite place: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! If you have never been, it's basically a huge Christmas market in the centre of London, with amazing food and big roller-coaster rides and lots of little stalls selling adorable trinkets. Ask anyone and they will most likely tell you that they are sick of hearing about my excitement over this trip. It is hands down my favourite weekend of the year, filled with lots of Christmassy happenings. This tradition was made even more sentimental by the fact that it was mine and Scott's 2 year anniversary weekend as well, so it became a romantic festive adventure.

On the Friday night we went to our local town to see the Christmas lights switched on, then headed home to watch Elf before the start of our festive weekend. Then Saturday morning we woke up early and, after a bumpy start, made our way to the station for the train ride to London. I spent most of the train journey fidgeting with excitement with Christmas songs playing through my headphones. Upon arrival we headed straight for Hyde Park, to be greeted with a view which never fails to mesmerise me. It's like they've bought the North Pole to central London! 

Since this is our 2nd trip here our (my 4th), we headed first to our favourite food shack: the bratwurst station. We discovered on our way out last year that the currywurst is SUPER tasty, and had to run back to get our first taste of the year - it's safe to say it lived up to our expectations. I really recommend them if you're planning a trip up there at any point.

After a nice wonder around looking at all of the lovely crafts and food on offer, we then stopped off at our favourite hot chocolate place in the park. Here they take chocolate - OUT OF THE FOUNTAIN! Yes, this is not a drill, this is real hot chocolate. Again this is somewhere that we stop off every year, because if you're going to pay £4 for a hot chocolate it has to be a good one. They also give you a straw that is big enough to suck up the mini marshmallows which is really fun at the end.

Once we've wondered about enough we head to Oxford Street for some Christmas shopping! I picked up a few really nice bits in Selfridge's this year, and almost broke my bank in the Lush Oxford Street store. Shopping in London can be quite stressful for me, so I like to have planned which shops I want to take a look in in advance. I also loved all of the pretty lights this year, which is again a Christmas tradition for us to go and see.

We spent the rest of our Christmassy weekend watching festive films, eating pancakes and enjoying some quality family time together. I love this weekend so much, it really embodies what Christmas means to me and I count down to it every year. If you haven't been to Winter Wonderland before, I really recommend that you spend the day up there, it's free to get in to and such a lovely day out!