The BEST Hot Chocolate: Gu vs. Whittards

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This has been a long running debate between me and my partner for several months now. I am firmly in the corner of Whittards hot chocolate, and have been for some while, since discovering a powdered hot chocolate that tastes like the real thing (hard to believe I know). Scott on the other hand swears by the GU hot chocolate, and in his opinion nothing can beat it. In our stubbornness neither of us has actually tried the other's, so we thought we should put them to the test in the ultimate hot chocolate showdown.

(both were salted caramel flavour because let's face it, you can't beat salted caramel)

The Contenders

First up is Whittard's Salted Caramel Flavour Hot Chocolate. This is a powdered hot chocolate and it retails at £6.00. This is a 350g pot and the website says that it should make 5 cups per 100g, but I have to admit that I am usually a bit indulgent so may make less.

In Scott's corner we have Gu Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. This drink is ready made, and only really provides 3 mugs per carton. But oh my goodness is it creamy. It really looks like amazing quality chocolate when you pour it out because it's so thick. And it smells DIVINE.

We followed the instructions on the packaging and used whipped cream, marshmallows and flake to top each of the drinks to make sure we weren't cheating (although I did use very heaped teaspoons of the Whittards powder...).

The Results

The Whittards hot chocolate came out of the microwave a really nice looking colour and with just a thin layer of milky foam on top. It was a lot runnier than the Gu drink with just the consistency of milk, but oh my goodness was it yummy. It was just 'caramelly' enough so that you could taste it, but not overpowering. Personally I think that if you were to put this and a runnier real hot chocolate side by side I would not be able to tell one from the other.

The Gu drink was also really really tasty. When it came out of the microwave it did have a bit of a film on top, and we did stir it in but it left a couple of bits in the drink. It did make it seem a bit gloopy. As I mentioned earlier it was a lot thicker than the Whittards hot chocolate, which made it seem a lot fancier. It was also richer, but personally I found it a bit too bitter. On the plus side the salted caramel flavouring came through amazingly!

And the winner iiiis (drumroll please).... WHIITTARDS!! I do promise I am not being bias, Scott genuinely admitted after just one sip that my choice, and I quote, 'beats mine hands down'. YES! It really is absolutely scrummy, and trust me it has taken me years to find a powdered hot chocolate that I really like. Now I know that it can be a staple in both of our cupboards - yippee! If you haven't tried it yet then please give it a go, you really won't regret it. Now time for me to sit back and finish drinking my second mug... I won't tell if you don't!!

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  1. I LOVEEEE Whittards hot choc! My friend got me a carton of mint hot choc for my birthday and I fell in love!! It tasted great!!!!

    x Carina Running White Horses || YouTube

    1. I honestly don't think I could use anything else now! Gotta say I'm not the biggest mint and chocolate fan but I love the fact that there are so many combinations to try, I'll be getting my hands on the creme brûlée next! I hope you had a great birthday :) x