Lush Haul

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Each time I walk into lush I have to keep my purse on a leash to stop myself buying two of everything... well this time my leash broke. Whoops!!

This haul is mainly bath goodies but I do have a couple of other products to show you as well.

The Bombs

Blackberry Bomb
Ever since Lush discontinued space girl (I know, I'm still crying internally) this has been my alternative. It makes your bath bright blue/purple, which can be a pain to get off, but the smell is worth it. It's a very sweet blackberry scent... obviously. I also really like the little surprise inside (I won't ruin it!).

Yoga Bomb
I have actually never tried this one before, but I couldn't resist picking it up in the shop. It smells so relaxing, very woody and just so so amazing, please just go in to your local lush and give it a sniff!

The Experimenter
I am SO excited to try this one - it just looks like so much fun! All of the colours make this bath bomb look great, and it smells just as good . Surprisingly it is a quite spicy and deep scent, I was expecting something sweeter for the bright colours. It also has popping candy inside. Where does this bath bomb end?!

The Ballistics

Dragon's Egg
This one gets me very excited, and is always a staple in my basket. It looks as though it's going to be a bit boring as you place it into the bath, but it soon explodes into a bright orange with small coloured paper discs and popping candy. The citrus scents are really refreshing too.

Now I've heard amazing things about butterball and everybody raves about it, but I've never really been that keen on the smell in store. My theory is that it may miraculously change scents in my bath?? As the name suggests it is really creamy in the bath, and it has a kind of chocolatey scent from the cocoa butter.

Another basket staple for me, this just smells so CLEAN!! Just sweet enough so that it's pleasant and not overpowering. Your bath will turn a gentle shimmering green (but you won't come out covered in glitter) and the avocado does wonders for dry skin. 

The Bubble Bars

An absolute classic and another staple in my basket. For me this is the equivalent of being wrapped in a watery fluffy blanket of joy. And it's pink! Can it get much better than this??

Mmmm-mm! I honestly feel strongly about Lush making some sort of chewy sweet with this flavour, it smells so good I just want to gobble it up! This is the bar for when i'm feeling incredibly happy and excitable (most of the time) and want a bright bath to match my mood.

Milky Bath
Another new one for me, but this smells so fresh and clean, and who doesn't love bubbles?! I also like that this can all be used in one bath, as I find that the bigger ones are never as good on their second use. This one had cocoa butter in it to leave you nice and soft which is lovely. I am hoping that the small bit of glitter will leave me just shimmery and not reflective though.

The Rest

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon
Since I only bought one bubbleroon it's been put in with the rest here. This smells absolutely incredible, so deep and slightly chocolatey but with coconut and shea butter making a welcoming appearance. It's also really moisturising.

Comforter Shower Cream
This was again bought out of my sadness of the loss of space girl (sad face). And who doesn't want a matching shower cream to their bath? Smells of every berry under the sun.

Dark Angels Cleanser
I cannot rave about this product enough. My face is SUPER smooth after just a week with this. I tend to use this as a face mask before scrubbing it off so that I can really gain the full benefits of the charcoal. The sugar is rough enough that it does something but not so rough that it hurts. Some people don't like the scent but I think it's lovely, really earthy and natural.

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