Hello Autumn!

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It's here! My favourite time of the year has finally come around (besides Christmas of course). I have a theory this time of year that you can tell whether someone is a summer or winter person by what they wear through September. Some people are still wearing shorts and flips flops, hanging on to every last sun beam they can, and then there's people like me that got their scarves and boots out of the cupboard as soon as mid August came about. So for anyone in the first category I thought I'd cheer you up a bit by showing you what you have to look forward to!

Darker Evenings
I know for some people this can be a pain, but there is nothing like getting cuddled up on the sofa with a nice hot chocolate when it is dark outside - it just makes everything seem so much cosier! And to be honest I class this as the real start to the autumn months, and the countdown to Christmas!! (too soon?) The only downside to this is when the clocks go back and it's darker in the mornings instead, getting out of bed is so so hard.

Fireworks and Halloween
I am all for any form of celebration, but there's something about these two that feels a bit more special. It may be because they're mainly celebrated at night and outside, it's a bit more rustic. My partner and I had our first date on bonfire night so it's always got a place in my heart, and halloween make up is so so fun to do!!

Jumpers, Scarves and General Knitted-ness
You really cannot beat layers upon layers of knits. It's like leaving your house but still being wrapped in your duvet! I have been knows to wear a jumper, cardigan, scarf, hat, mittens, earmuffs and fluffy socks all in one go... it was very cold that day. And let's face it, the baggier your clothes are the more muffins you can eat, right?

Wellie Walks in Crunchy Leaves
Both me and Scott are lucky enough to live in beautiful rural villages, so autumn is the perfect time of year for us to spend some time out in the forests that are practically our back gardens. I love getting dressed in the warmest clothes and pulling on my boots for an adventure. It's a really great time for us to catch up with each other too (mainly because we have no signal anywhere!).

Mustards, burgundys, berrys, golds and greens, Not just on my face, but all around! Everything looks picturesque in the autumn time, I have my camera on me 24/7. Also having brown hair and pale skin I find that golden tones and red/berry lips work really nicely on me, so it's nice to be able to get them out of the drawer again. 

Fires and Candles
Over the years I have built up an impressive candle collection, and this time of year I get very excited about putting my summer scents away and getting out my autumn/winter smells. There is something special about a candle or a fireplace that really sets the scene over the colder months, that just isn't the same when it's warm. It creates a lovely cosy atmosphere to come home to each evening.

The Food!
Oh, the food! Cinnamon is b-e-a-utiful and I practically put it on everything I eat this time of year. Also lots of stews and pies and soups for dinner which are just so comforting and tasty, especially after eating mainly greens and salads over summer (haha, not really!). And this is the time of year that I really get into my element again with baking, so my family and friends are spoilt with lots of tasty treats.

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