Coffee, Baking & Shopping

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This week has been a great one! I've had 4 days to myself this week (which is such a rarity because of college and work) so I decided to do a few of the things that have been sat on my to-do list that i haven't had the time to do.

On Tuesday I was able to meet up with a few friends at Starbucks and FINALLY try their pumpkin spice latte. I'd heard mixed things about this drink from other people but I've been really eager to taste it for myself - and I wasn't disappointed! As a person that absolutely adores autumn/winter tastes and scents, the coffee hit the perfect spot for me. My only criticism is that it is so flavorful, you can't really taste the coffee in it. For some people that don't particularly like coffee this might be ideal, but for me it was a bit of a let down. Think I will still be sticking with my vanilla spice through this season!

So spicey!


Throughout this week I have also been doing a lot of baking, which is one of my all time favourite hobbies. I'd decided a while ago that I have wanted to try and make bread from scratch (without a bread maker) so this week I gave it a go! It took me a couple of attempts to get it right, but I was so happy when I finally had a loaf of bread that I 'd made completely by myself :)
It tasted a lot nicer than it looks, trust me
No soggy bottoms here!

I also attempted to make cinnamon swirl cookies! I'm in such an autumn-y mood already and I really fancied something with a cinnamon taste, but I've been told that it's too early for gingerbread men :( so I compromised and made these biscuits, which I have to say tasted am-A-zing. I used a mix of recipes to make these but they were super simple, you can find a couple of easy ones here, here and here.

'hurry up and take a photo, I want to eat them!'
This week I've been really naughty and may have been to two different shopping centres and spend a bit of money... but it's all for a good cause, right? I'm thinking of doing a haul post (or maybe video, oooh) so watch this space!
Enjoying a well deserved burrito after following me around the shops
I'm so glad that I was able to spend the week doing things that I love doing, and got to spend time with people that I love seeing :) I think that it's so important to have some time to yourself every now and then, especially for students, so make sure that you schedule in some 'me' time this week.