My Birthday Treat In London

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This is a really late post as this all actually happened in June but I felt as though I should really write it all up as it was such a fab fab day and it deserves a blog post.

For my birthday this year I was SUPER spoilt by my family and Scott, I got so much lovely stuff and got to go to the Isle of Wight Festival which was a-ma-zing. However on the Wednesday i was taken up to London by Scott to get my main birthday surprise. I'm like a little kid with surprises so I can imagine that i was reeeally annoying on the whole train journey up there, especially because I love going up to London as I live in such a small village.

When we arrived we headed straight for Borough Market because we'd been recommended by my step-dad to have a look around as they have such a huge variety of great food on offer. Stupidly, we didn't realise how far back the market went and didn't get to see all of the food - when I googled it when I got home I found that it was actually huge!

We decided that we wanted to do a proper tourist-y walk around London before my surprise as that wasn't until 2:30 in the afternoon, so we made our way to Piccadilly Circus. For some reason as a kid I imagined Piccadilly Circus as an actually circus with big tents and men on stilts! 

After lunch in Piccadilly Circus
After lunch (just from Tesco nothing exciting) we took a wonder down a street and happened to end up right outside Buckingham Palace! I was amazing to realise actually how close everything is in central London. We were very lucky in that we got the the palace just in time for the changing of the guard! I thought it was really fun to watch and also felt quite sorry for them having to stand in the heat in their big fluffy hats! After watching the changing of the guards we headed to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping - my favourite!

Hello MTV and welcome to our crib

Accidentally called them Russian hats... oops
2:30 soon came around and I was so excited I could not stop talking and jumping about everywhere. Scott took us to Victoria Street and walked me up to the doors of my surprise... WICKED!! I've wanted to watch this musical for so long because it was my first performance at theater school when I was younger.We'd gotten really good seats close to the front and it was such an enjoyable musical - I could even remember some of the lines and lyrics from when I was little. I liked that it was such a small stage so it felt like a really personal performance.

The big dragon from Wicked
When the show finished we went to Covent Garden to get some coffee. I think Covent garden is one of my favourite places in London - I love that it's never too busy and it's got such a lovely atmosphere to just sit down and watch the world go by. I also got to go into the Disney store which I love, and bought my favourite macaroons from Laudree.
Donald in the Disney store 
I had an amazing day out for my birthday and was treated like an absolute princess by Scott! I can't wait to come up again for Winter Wonderland at Christmas and see all the lights on Oxford Street (and fingers crossed snow!). London is just such a fun place when you don't go often and I'm really looking forawrd to coming up and having more adventures here soon.

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